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  1. 20 Years After 9/11: Faculty, Staff, Alumni to Host Event Series

    The year 2021 marks 20 years since September 11, 2001, a profoundly transformative moment. Join St. Lawrence University faculty, staff, and alumni guests for a full week of activities (Sept. 3-11) as our community reflects on the many ways both our national and global communities have been impacted.

  2. A group of students wearing red shirts sit in two rows among booths in a school cafeteria.

    First Person: A Recipe for Cultural Exchange

    Thao Nguyen '22

    My story begins when the white St. Lawrence University van I was riding in came to a stop outside of Madrid-Waddington Central School (MWCS), home of the Yellow Jackets, 20 minutes from campus. Inside the van, 15 St. Lawrence students waited to begin the first-ever cultural exchange mission organized by Common Ground Connections (CGC), a brand new club at the time.

  3. A table set with food for Lunar New Year.

    First Person: Lunar New Year Spirit of Community and Celebration

    Linh Do '21

    When my friends at St. Lawrence University asked me to explain Lunar New Year to them, I asked them to think of having Christmas combined with Thanksgiving—a long and most special event of the year...

  4. Three students stand in front of a stone wall with their arms in the air. There are colorful balloons behind them.

    Laurentians Around the World Celebrate International Education Week

    International Education Week is celebrated nationwide, but a robust emphasis on promoting global citizenship and a passionate international student community makes it an especially meaningful event at St. Lawrence University.

  5. International flags drape throughout the student center.

    UWC Students Lead Peace Celebration

    Each year as the United Nations observes the International Day of Peace, a group of St. Lawrence University students organizes events and leads efforts on campus to showcase what is possible when people come together to learn, take action, and make a difference. These students are the University’s Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars.

  6. Asha Johnson on the beach near her home in Nassau, Bahamas.

    First Person: Behind Borders as an International Student During COVID-19

    Asha Johnson '21

    March has always been my favorite month of the year. The air is cool but doesn’t bite. The flowers begin to bloom, and the spring semester buzzes with the promise of advancement or completion. Also, I...

  7. A group of Saint Lawrence students, attending a St. Lawrence University career connections event, stand in front of the Golden Gate bridge in California.

    First Person: No Ordinary University, Connections with Faculty and Staff


    I have always found the dynamic between teachers and students fascinating. Growing up in a household with two parents who worked in the public school system, I quickly gained an understanding of the...