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Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Instruction in this department is intended to aid in the development of exact, concise and independent reasoning, to cultivate the imagination and to inspire habits of original and independent thought.

This statement, which has appeared in the St. Lawrence University course catalog every year since 1896, continues to aptly express the mission of the department today, even taking into consideration the remarkable advances in mathematical knowledge and technology that have been made since it was first penned.

The department offers both majors and minors in mathematics, computer science, and statistics. It serves students who subsequently pursue advanced academic degrees; enter law school, medical school, business school; or begin careers in education or finance, among other occupations.

Regardless, students enjoy a rich mathematical experience while at St. Lawrence, including excellent instruction by accessible faculty in a wide variety of courses, multiple opportunities to engage in and present research, participation in a thriving math club, and much more. 

A significant percentage of students at St. Lawrence choose to pursue a degree in the department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.  The department honors its most outstanding students each year with the annual Bates Award.  Follow the link below to learn more about this prestigious award and to see recent award recipients.

Bates and Pi Mu Epsilon Award winners