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12-Month Absence Policy

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Acceptable/Professional Behavior Policy

Cell Phone Expense Stipend Program

Closings / Time off from Scheduled Work

Combined Discrimination and Harassment Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Executive Compensation Policy

Expectation of Honesty Policy

Faculty Salary Policy 2017-2021

Faculty and Staff Housing Policy

Faculty Parental Leave Program

Family Medical Leave Act

Inclement Weather Guidelines

Minimum Age for Employment

Mobile Devices

Modified Duty Program

Paid Family Leave Benefits Policy

Parental Leave Program for Administrators, Confidentials, Executive Secretaries and Technicians

Pet Policy

Policy Regarding Staff as Members of Committees

Pre-Employment Background Check Procedures

Procedure on Transport of an Employee for Medical Treatment

Reproductive Health Decision Making Policy

Sick Time and Leave Policy

Sick Time Policy for Non-union, Non-exempt, Part-time and Temporary Employees

Smoking / Non-Smoking Policy

Summer Employment

Use of University Resources

Vacation Policy for Non-Faculty Exempt Staff

Weapons Policy

Wireless Communication

Whistleblower Policy