Jordan Bernier '22 | St. Lawrence University Community Based Learning

Jordan Bernier '22

Name: Jordan Bernier
Class Year: 2022
Major(s): Communications
Minor(s): Film and Media Studies
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Home: Greenfield, MA
Extra-Curricular Activities: Secretary at the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority on campus, on the editorial board for a scholarly journal called The Underground, SLU Adaptive Club Member
Campus-Community Partnership(s): GardenShare, TAUNY, and Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton
Fun fact: I’ve auditioned for a movie once

Why did you choose SLU?
Personally, I like to believe that SLU picked me. I had the idea of originally wanting to be in a city school because I went to a small boarding school in the Berkshires, but I heard about SLU through a friend and decided to give it a shot. I knew after looking at it, it felt like home and a safe place that would support me and guide me in every way possible as I grow. It may not have been what I was looking for but it was what I needed and I am very grateful for my decision.

What do you like most/enjoy most about SLU?
I like/enjoy a lot of things about SLU! Most of all I just really enjoy the idea that everyone is so happy to be here and be a part of this amazing community. Everyone works really hard, is here to support everyone and make the most of our time here which makes each year so memorable! 

CBL courses taken:
My FYP freshman year which was the Van de Water College: Rural Dreams: Surveying the Plight and Promise of America’s Small Towns.

Why did you apply to be a CM:
I applied to be a CM for a few different reasons! The first being I created a great friendship and relationship with my CM that oversaw my placement at Church and Community Thrift Store and Food Pantry my freshman year. She was just a great mentor and was always there to provide guidance with anything and everything and was a friendly face to see around campus my first semester of college. This made me realize I wanted to play a role in the community in this very same way. Secondly, I loved volunteering at my placement! I thought it was a great way to get off campus and meet people in the community I was in, that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to. With that, I wanted to continue to be a part of the CBL program in order to spread interest in Community Based Learning at SLU as best as I could, while also allowing me to continue to be engaged with the community!

Why should every student take a CBL course during their time at SLU?
Public Speaking and Beginning to Acting!

The most rewarding part about being a CM is being able to create relationships with people in the community but also with students that I might not have otherwise. I believe it is important to understand and immerse yourself in the community that you surround yourself with and having the position of a Community Mentor really creates that opportunity in a positive way.