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Community Mentors

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Mentor Program is to develop the capacity of student leaders to become agents of positive social change at St. Lawrence and beyond. Community Mentors enhance both their leadership and professional development by participating in various workshops, trainings, and conference opportunities.

Primary Responsibility

By serving as ambassadors of Community Based Learning (CBL), Community Mentors (CMs) foster and guide the overall experience of course-based students involved in a number of campus-community partnerships. In addition, CMs will contribute to promoting a culture of engagement through active citizenship activities, information sessions, and sharing content online and in an annual newsletter. In doing so, CMs contribute to strengthening and maintaining the relationship between St. Lawrence University and the local community.

Key Duties

  1. Maintain and nurture campus-community partnerships
  2. Guide and oversee CBL experience for peers
  3. Maintain open communication between all CBL constituents including community partners, faculty, staff, CBL students, and CBL staff
  4. Participate in professional development workshops
  5. Engage in activie citizenship activities to promote a culture of engagement
  6. Facilitate information session for CM recruitment in spring semester
  7. Contribute to sharing content/stories for use online and in an annual newsletter

Important Dates:

Recruitment:March 2021
Application Deadline
Decision Notification
Student Decisions: 

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For more information, please contact Brenda Papineau,, 315.229.5255.