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How to Search for CBL Courses in APR

  1. Make sure the SUBJECTS filter is completely cleared
  2. Select the correct semester/year under the TERMS filter
  3. Under the COURSE LEVEL filter, select Community Based Learning
  4. It is also helpful to select open sections under the AVAILABILITY filter

Community Based Learning offers CBL 100 (fall semester) and CBL 101 (spring semester).CBL supports a number of courses from academic departments as listed below. CBL also offers students the opportunity to apply for a CBL Independent Study.

Fall 2020 Courses


Children's Literature and Its Life-Long Lessons: From Wonderland to Diagon Alley (Bacheller College)
Instructor: Karen Gibson

Peace, Conflict, and Community (Campbell College)
Instructor: Donna Alvah

Health Activism: Fighting for Healthier Future (Eaton College)
Instructor: Rosa Williams

Your Place in the World: What It Means to be Local (MacAllaster College)
Instructors: Rebecca Jewell and Josh Exoo

Impactful Leadership: Theory and Practice (Reiff College)
Instructors: Elisa VanKirk and Marianna Locke

Rural Dreams: Surveying the Plight and Promise of America's Small Towns (Van de Water College)
Instructors: George Repicky and Laura Lavoie

For More Information: FYP Course Descriptions


ANTH-244SPK ChldhdAcroCult'r 
Instructor: Adam Harr

BIOL-304CBL Health Coaches I  
Instructor: Jane Kring

CBL-100 Community Based Learning
Instructor: Adam Harr

ECON-3033CBL SophoSEM: Money Management Matters
Instructor: Sahar Milani

EDUC-373 Drama for Teaching & Learning
Instructor: Angie Sweigart-Gallagher
*Also listed as PCA-373

PCA-111CBL Rhetoric & Public Speaking
Instructor: Allie Rowland
*Permission of Instructor
*Off-campus at Riverview Correctional Facility

PSYC-413 Community Psychology
Instructor: Cathy Crosby
*Permission of Instructor

Spring 2020 Courses

AFAM-264CBL Afr Amer Hist 1865-PRESENT 
Instructor: Liz Regosin

ANTH-244SPK ChldhdAcroCult'r w/CBL&SPK 
Instructor: Adam Harr

BIOL-305CBL Health Coaches II w/CBL 
Instructor: Jane Kring

CBL-100 Community Based Learning
Instructor: Liz Regosin

FRPG-2055CBL What'sGreatAboutOutrEd w/CBL 
Instructor: Devin Farkas

FRPG-2111CBL Commercial Sport w/CBL
Instructor: Marianna Locke

ND-380w/CBL Mindset for Healthy Living
Instructor: Jane Kring

PHIL-100CBL Intro to Philosophy w/CBL 
Instructor: Jennifer Hansen

PHIL-354 Biomedical Ethics w/CBL
Instructor: Katharine Wolfe

SOC-233CBL Consuming Food w/CBL 
Instructor: Erica Morrell