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CBL Courses

Community Based Learning offers CBL 100 (fall semester) and CBL 101 (spring semester).

CBL also offers students the opportunity to apply for a CBL Independent Study. In order to apply, a student must have a faculty sponsor and must complete the following paperwork the semester before the intended experience.

CBL supports a number of courses from academic departments as listed below.

Upcoming Fall 2019 Courses

BIOL-304CBL: Health Coaches I
Instructor: Jane Kring

ENG-222CBL LS: Multi-Ethnic Ame Lit /CBL
Instructor: Penny Vlagopoulos
*Permission of Instructor/course to be held at Riverview Correctional Facility

ENG-293SUST CW: Literary Harvest w/CBL
Instructor: Natalia Singer
*cross-listed as Global Studies 293SUST and ENVS 293SUST

PSYC 413: Community Psychology
Instructor: Cathy Crosby
*Permission of Instructor

SOC-3105 IntroSoc: Civic Engagement w/CBL
Instructor: Marianna Locke

Spring 2019 Courses

BIOL-305CBL: Health Coaches II
Instructor: Jane Kring

CBL-101: Leadership & Civic Engagement
Instructor: Liz Regosin

CHEM-3006:  Origins of Identity
Instructor: Samantha Glazier
*Dual listed as CBL-3006

EDUC-3035: SophoSEM: Youth Art Community
Instructor: Jessica Sierk

ENG-307CBL GSThe Short Story
Instructor: Robert Cowser

SOC-233CBL: Consuming Food
Instructor: Amanda Wyant

First Year Seminars

FRPG-2055CBL: What's Great About Outdoor Education, Huh?
Instructor: Devin Farkas

FRPG-2111CBL: How Commercial Sport is Both the Destroyer and Redeemer of Our Communities: The Phoenix Effect 
Instructor: Marianna Locke

FRPG-2144CBL: Childhood Across Cultures: Little Angels and Devious Devils
Instructor:  Adam Harr