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Greek Life Forms

Forms for Presidents and Chapter Officers

Chapter Roster Spreadsheet - Chapters must submit this a completed chapter roster spreadsheet no later than 2 weeks into the current semester in order to provide up to date chapter information to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. This is essential for ensuring accuracy in grade reports. 

Officer Form - Chapters must submit this form to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership immediately after elections (no longer than 48 hours).

New Member Form - complete this form after initiating new members into your chapter. This form is due within one week of initiation.  If you have more than 20 new members, please fill out multiple forms to include the names of all new members who were recently initiated.

Roster Change Form - use this form if a current member is no longer a student at St. Lawrence (i.e. a student graduated, transferred, took a leave of absence, etc.) Please fill out a form for each member whose status or position has changed in the chapter. If a significant amount of member changes have occurred, please fill out a whole new roster using the Chapter Roster Form. Submit to the SAAL office within one week of the change.

Forms for Members

Disafilliation Form - fill out this form for members who are still current students at SLU, but one of the following has happened: 1) a new member who was offered and accepted a bid but has not completed new-member education and has not yet been initiated decides to "de-pledge"; 2) a current, initiated member no longer wishes to be a member of the organization (please include reason why); 3) a member is asked to leave an organization due to legitimate reasons (i.e. grades, judicial issues, etc.) Submit to the SAAL office within 24 hours of the change.

Greek Grade Release Form(pdf)