Dean Eaton, Sykes, Hulett and Jencks

Residential Coordinator - Tiara Davis

There are 19 CAs in Dean Eaton, Sykes, Hulett and Jencks.  These buildings are used for housing upperclass students in traditional rooms and suites featuring common areas and private bedrooms.  These CAs help build community within their floor and the general residence hall by having events for their community and working to build a good relationship with each resident.

Another part of the CA position is participating in an on-call rotation where two CAs walk through buildings and carry a Residence Life Phone just in case residents need help.  If you live in the buildings listed below and need a CA, you can call the following numbers between 8pm and 8am:

  • Dean Eaton, Sykes, 13 University, 25 College: (315) 244-0805 or (315) 261-3726
  • Whitman, Gaines, Hulett, Jencks and Kirk Douglas Hall: (315) 854-2027 or (315) 261-8485

Remember, if it is an emergency call security at (315) 229-5555!