First-Year Mentor Job Description

Campus Activities & Residential Engagement (CARE)

First-Year Mentor Position

First-Year Mentor Job Description

The First-Year Mentor (FYM) is a part-time, para-professional, live-in student staff member of the Campus Activities & Residential Engagement (CARE) team. All FYMs will serve as Head Orientation Leaders during the opening week of the fall semester before moving into their traditional FYM role for remainder of the academic year. As a Head Orientation Leader, they will be the point person out of their assigned group of Orientation Leaders. The function of the FYM is to assist first-year students with their transition into the St. Lawrence community by ensuring their mentees are aware of their campus resources and by connecting them with the various campus events during the first four weeks of the semester. At the conclusion of the first four weeks of the semester, the FYMs will be responsible for connecting students to other events on campus which are outlined in this document below. Each FYM is expected to emphasize the programs on campus that offer service opportunities as well as promote holistic well-being practices. 

Minimum Qualifications 

  1. Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior and a full-time student at St. Lawrence University 

  1. First year students must have completed a full year on campus to be eligible for a FYM position. Transfer students need to have completed a full semester on campus. 

  1. All FYMs must serve as OLs during the academic year they commit to the position. It is preferred that New FYMs starting in the spring semester previously served as either a Community Assistant (CA) or an OL. 

  1. First-Year Mentors must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 and adhere to all stipulations in the University’s Academic Policy. If unable to maintain a 2.50 average, the First-Year Mentor may be placed on probationary status or face possible removal from the position. Two consecutive semesters with a cumulative GPA below 2.50 will result in removal from the position. 

  1. Must be in good academic and judicial standing with the University. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

Training and Development 

First-Year Mentors will be required to attend training before they start in their role. FYMs who begin their role in the Fall Semester will attend August training in conjunction with CAs and OLs. FYMs who begin their role in the Spring Semester will attend January training in conjunction with CAs and attend additional trainings as needed. These training programs are mandatory. 

Administrative Duties 

A FYM is expected to fulfill the administrative responsibilities of the job. These include: 

General Duties 

  • Assist their assigned residential community with preparing for the First-Year Cup (FYC) Competition and attend the FYC Competition during the first week of classes. 

  • Help new students and families navigate the St. Lawrence campus 

  • Maintain approachability and availability to all new students within your residential area as well as the larger St. Lawrence community. 

  • Must maintain a positive and professionally appropriate relationship with mentees throughout the academic year.  

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with Orientation Leaders (OLs) and CAs in enhancing the residential experience. 

  • Complete a weekly report to be submitted to supervisor to note conversations with mentees, highlight students of concern in your assigned area, and ask for additional support, if needed 

  • Attend bi-weekly staff meetings with professional staff supervisor(s) 

  • Responsible for having 3 “Intentional Interactions” per week with mentees. These “Intentional Interactions” will be recorded in your weekly report. 

  • Serve as a Mandatory Reporter with regard to Title IX. FYMs are obligated to report any and all incidents under Title IX to the Title IX Coordinator and must document these incidents according to appropriate reporting protocol. 

  • Host scheduled open door hours for 2 hours per week to provide opportunities for students to speak 1:1 with you about connecting with various resources around campus. 

  • Other duties as assigned 

Fall Semester 

  • At the conclusion of the FYC Competition, FYMs will be responsible for guiding their mentees to First-Year only Orientation sessions as part of Extended Orientation on Sundays  

  • FYMs must also bring mentees to 2 out of the 4 late night Saturday events. 

  • After the conclusion of Extended Orientation, FYMs must bring mentees to 1 program per month (October & November). One program must be an opportunity to engage in a service-oriented experience and the other must be an opportunity to engage in an event centered on student wellness. 

Spring Semester 

  • Mentors who served in the FYM role during the previous fall semester will assist with the January New Student Orientation program and serve as OLs to new students during the two days preceding the start of the spring semester. 

  • New FYMs who start in the spring semester will go through a training program to review the responsibilities, processes, and obligations in the position in conjunction with CA Training. They will not serve as spring OLs. 

  • FYMs will have additional responsibilities at the beginning of the semester, which include, guiding mentees to 2 out of 4 of the late night Saturday events on campus. 

  • FYMs will also be responsible for bringing mentees to one program before Spring Break and 1 program after Spring Break. One program must be an opportunity to engage in a service-oriented experience and the other must be an opportunity to engage in an event centered on student wellness. 


A FYM is expected to: 

  • Be a positive role model for other students within their assigned orientee group and the university community. FYMs must keep in line with the guidelines and policies set in the St. Lawrence University Student Handbook. 

  • Must maintain a positive and professionally appropriate relationship with mentees throughout the academic year. 

  • Responsibly uphold university policy and take appropriate steps when faced with irresponsible behavior on campus.  

  • Be team-centered, innovative, responsible, and aware of multifaceted life at St. Lawrence. 

  • Provide a supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment for orientees while recognizing personal limits. 

  • Demonstrate leadership skills, initiative, motivation, and professionalism when undertaking tasks 

  • Have the ability to work collaboratively with other student leaders as well as professional staff members 

  • Exemplify a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the position 

  • Value diverse perspectives and consider these when making decisions that will impact your assigned student group 

  • Adapt to new and changing situations with poise and grace 

  • Show pride and enthusiasm for being a Laurentian 

Remuneration & Benefits 

  • An opportunity to have a deeper knowledge of campus resources and to meet the professionals who oversee these various areas 

  • FYMs receive room and board coverage during Student Leader Training. 

  • FYMs receive either a room waiver or a paycheck distributed over the academic year for the equivalent amount for 1/3 of the housing cost. 

  • FYMs are provided with St. Lawrence University student leader apparel (shirt, nametag, etc.) to be used for the duration of the academic year when participating in or working CARE functions.