Special Needs Housing Accommodations

Our residential program seeks to provide an educational environment conducive to the personal growth of each student.  In keeping with the residential nature of the institution, we strive to house all students on campus.  We realize that some students have needs related to medical conditions, psychological conditions, and learning disabilities that might qualify them for special housing consideration. 

Please note:  students with approved petitions will receive a reasonable accommodation within on campus housing.  The Office of Residence Life in consultation with Health Services, Counseling Services, and Student Accessibility Services assigns special needs housing.  Special needs housing is decided each year on an individual basis.  Accordingly, students needing a special housing accommodation must submit a petition each year.  Students may request a specific room type (e.g. single) or location (e.g. first floor, near bathroom). The additional single fee will be waived for approved accommodations.

Students who feel they need a special housing accommodation must complete a petition, provide a statement of their request, meet with one of the consulting offices on campus, and provide any additional information requested.

Petitions for special housing accommodation will be available online in early March.  Petitions are due to the Residence Life Office by 5pm on  March 10, 2020.  Students will be notified of the status of their petition by email on March 30, 2020.  

Please note:  Should a student not accept his/her special needs housing assignment, he/she will lose priority during the remainder of room selection process and will be assigned housing after the rising sophomore class has been housed.  Petitions received after the March 10, 2020 deadline will be considered after the completion of the housing assignments process in May; assignments for approved late requests are subject to availability.