Roommate Conflicts and Room Changes

Residence hall living provides opportunities for students to connect with one another, to adjust to new situations, to encounter differing perspectives and value systems, and to interact with many different personalities. These are opportunities to grow, and we encourage students to take advantage of these new experiences. We feel it is vital that people of different backgrounds communicate and learn about each other before they make compatibility decisions.

Roommates who initially get along often run into barriers to communication or conflicts. Sometimes students choose to avoid conflict by moving to another room. Working through conflicts in a relationship is a life skill all people need. Thus, students may be asked to participate in measures to open up communication and put in a good faith effort to resolve conflict before a room change request can be considered.

Putting in a room change request does not guarantee that your choices will come to be. Our principle philosophy in the Office of Residence Life is that residential living is a living and learning experience. While we are not able to accommodate all room changes, in most instances, steps are taken to open up communications between roommates or hall mates when necessary. Community Assistants and Residential Coordinators can be instrumental in the process. At other times you may be placed on a waiting list as your building or room preference is not available.

Please note: Room and roommate changes will not be made for reasons of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability of the individual involved.