End of the Year Closing Information

When moving out of your room at the end of the semester, please remember to do the following:

-If you have removed any university furniture from your room, you must put it back.  If you live in a suite, townhouse or theme, the furniture should be returned to the proper bedroom.  Students will be charged for missing university furniture.  

-Take any trash to the dumpsters.  Items you want to donate can be taken to re-use locations in lounges.  Do not leave any personal belongings behind in rooms. 

-Pack and plan accordingly so that you are not late in moving out.  Students are not approved to stay beyond their closing date.

-Either complete an express check out form and submit it to your CA or to the Residence Life Office (Student Center 230) or sign up to check out with a CA for a formal check out.  

Questions? Please call 315-229-5250 or email reslife@stlawu.edu