Housing Selection FAQ

Where will applications be available for the different steps of the process?

All applications for the various processes will be available online in students Residence Portal.

Will my financial aid package be affected by the housing option I select?

Students who receive Financial Aid are strongly encouraged to speak with their Financial Aid counselor prior to selecting housing in a single room to see if their financial aid package will be impacted.

What if the student I want to live with has a higher lottery number?

During multiples room draw, lottery numbers are averaged for a group of students.  During doubles room draw, the student with the lowest lottery number of a roommate pair will select housing.   Thus, if a member of the class of 2026 is planning to room with a member of the class of 2025 (for the 2024-2025 academic year) they would use the rising senior’s lottery number.

What do I do if I do not have someone to be my roommate?

Students without roommates should list their name and contact information as well as their housing preferences on a sheet in the Residence Life Office (Student Center 230).  They should then check back regularly and contact any other students on the list who seem like they might be a compatible roommates. (Please note: in order to select a room during room draw, one must be able to fill a room (e.g. two eligible students for a double room; three eligible students for a triple room)

What happens if I "lose" my roommate after the housing assignments process?

If you lose the roommate you selected during housing selection, one of the following will happen:

1. you may select another student to live with you (who is not already in a room)

2. another student is assigned into the room with you

3. you are moved to another room with a vacancy

What happens if I do not participate in room selection?

Students who do not participate in the housing assignment process will be assigned to a space by the Office of Residence Life during July.

How do I apply to live off-campus?

St. Lawrence University is a 4 year residential campus for undergraduate students.  All students are assigned housing except those on off-campus study programs or those with permission to live off-campus through the commuter status process.  

What costs do I incur if I live off-campus without permission?

Students who live off-campus without written permission from the Office of Residence Life will be responsible for the room and board costs for the housing space to which they were assigned.