Orientation Leader Job Description

Campus Activities & Residential Engagement (CARE) 

Orientation Leader Position 

Orientation Leader Job Description 

The Orientation Leader (OL) is a part-time, para-professional student staff member of the Campus Activities & Residential Engagement (CARE) team. Being an OL implies both a strong commitment to the overall student experience as a community member and a sincere interest in each student as an individual. The function of the OL is to assist first-year students with their transition into the St. Lawrence community by serving as a campus resource and fostering a sense of community with their cohort of first-year students. Each OL is expected to contribute to the educational, cultural, and social development of each of their residents. 

Minimum Qualifications 

  1. Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior and a full-time student at St. Lawrence University 

  1. First year students must have completed a full year on campus to be eligible for a OL position. Transfer students need to have completed a full semester on campus. 

  1. Orientation Leaders must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 and adhere to all stipulations in the University’s Academic Policy. If an OL candidate does not have a 2.50 GPA during the summer before they start, their offer will be rescinded and they will not be permitted to serve in the OL role for that academic year.  

  1. Must be in good academic and judicial standing with the University. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

Training and Development 

Training and development are considered essential elements of the student leader programs. OLs are required to participate in August training and then be present and accessible throughout the duration of the New Student Orientation and First-Year Cup programs. At the conclusion of the First-Year Cup program, OLs must come in for a brief performance evaluation with their supervisor(s) to close out their commitment of service to the University for that year. It is our expectation that this education and learning through training sessions and the performance evaluation process will be applied to the OL’s personal growth and development. These processes are mandatory. 

Administrative Duties 

An OL is expected to fulfill the administrative responsibilities of the job. These include: 

  • Convey university experiences with new students and families in a positive and professional manner 

  • Help new students and families navigate the St. Lawrence campus 

  • Maintain approachability and availability to all new students within your group and the larger New Student Orientation program 

  • Must maintain a positive and professionally appropriate relationship with orientees throughout the academic year. OLs find the most success in their roles as positive mentors and role models when this relationship continues throughout the academic year and are encouraged to practice this 

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with First-Year Mentors (FYMs) and CAs in promoting a safe and comfortable residential community 

  • Serve as a Mandatory Reporter with regard to Title IX during their time of employment. OLs are obligated to report any and all incidents under Title IX to the Title IX Coordinator and must document these incidents according to appropriate reporting protocol. 

  • Other duties as assigned 

OLs are expected to actively plan, participate in, and contribute to a variety of educational and social activities for the resident in their areas. This includes: 

  • Facilitate small group discussions, ice-breakers, and team building exercises with new students 

  • Actively participate in all Orientation meetings, and functions, including but not limited to: 

  • First-Year Program (FYP) events 

  • First Community Meeting & Social Scene at SLU discussions 

  • Student Center Open House 

  • Dinner at the President’s House 

  • Ensure that students from your assigned group attend New Student Orientation programs and the First-Year Cup Festival prepared with all of the materials and information necessary to be an active participant 

  • Work with campus faculty, staff, and Community Assistant (CA) staff to facilitate activities and programs during New Student Orientation 


An OL is expected to: 

  • Be a positive role model for other students within their assigned orientee group and the university community. OLs must keep in line with the guidelines and policies set in the St. Lawrence University Student Handbook. 

  • Responsibly uphold university policy and take appropriate steps when faced with irresponsible behavior on campus.  

  • Be team-centered, innovative, responsible, and aware of multifaceted life at St. Lawrence. 

  • Provide a supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment for orientees while recognizing personal limits. 

  • Demonstrate leadership skills, initiative, motivation, and professionalism when undertaking tasks 

  • Have the ability to work collaboratively with other student leaders as well as professional staff members 

  • Exemplify a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the position 

  • Value diverse perspectives and consider these when making decisions that will impact your assigned student group 

  • Adapt to new and changing situations with poise and grace 

  • Show pride and enthusiasm for being a Laurentian 

Remuneration & Benefits 

  • Offers a chance to share your love of St. Lawrence with a new class of students 

  • An opportunity to have a deeper knowledge of campus resources and to meet the professionals who oversee these various areas 

  • Room and board will be covered from the Sunday evening before the training program begins through the Sunday evening of First-Year student move-in 

  • OLs receive a $250 stipend at the conclusion of their responsibilities and when they’ve completed all tasks assigned to them (post OL Evaluation process). 

  • OLs are provided with St. Lawrence University student leader apparel (shirt, nametag, etc.) to be used for the duration of the Orientation program and after, if they desire