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Community Assistants

General Information

The Community Assistants (CAs) at St. Lawrence University are employed as para-professionals working to cultivate a strong community bond and while assisting with the educational, cultural and social development of each resident.  They participate in training activities to better prepare them for leading a community and are typically very dedicated, highly involved, and caring community members.  For a look at some of the activities and interests of the current CAs, check out our student profile page.

Overall, there are 57 CAs and 2 Townhouse Managers for the Office of Residence Life.  These students work as a large staff of CAs throughout the year, but each CA belongs to a smaller team.  These teams are directly supervised by a Residential Coordinator that works closely with a small group of residential buildings. For more information on these residential areas, follow the links below:

Join the CA Team

We also have a number of resources and informational pages for prospective CAs.  Here are a few more pages and applications that may be helpful:

For more information on Title IX please visit this

For more information on Responsible Employees please visit this link:

*St. Lawrence University defines the Community Assistants (C.A.) position as Responsible Employees as outlined in the Title IX legislation*