Senior Townhouses

Senior townhoses

The senior townhouses, located behind Lee Hall, offer a transitional living opportunity for 144 seniors. Each townhouse features 4 single bedrooms and 1 double room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room space. Shared laundry facilities are located in each grouping of townhouses. Assignments to the senior townhouses are made through an application process. Criteria for eligibility is based on citizenship displayed on campus during a student's previous years.

Community Areas: Each Townhouse has a kitchen, common lounge, and back patio for residents to use. The Townhouses also have a large “Townhouse Quad” for residents to relax outside in the nice weather and meet other Townhouse residents.

Bathrooms: Each Townhouse has two restrooms for the residents to share. Both restrooms have one shower, one sink, and one toilet.

Laundry: There are six laundry facilities for the 24 Townhouses, meaning that each laundry room is shared by four Townhouses. Each laundry room has one washer, two dryers, and a shelf for laundry soap.

senior townhouse floor plans