Hulett and Jencks

Located near the center of campus, Hulett and Jencks offer both single, double, and suite living spaces. The suites house two to seven students that share a kitchenette, living space and bathroom. To the right are pictures of a two-person suite in Jencks Hall.

Community Areas: The suites provide plenty of space for working with friends as each suite has a living room and kitchenette. In addition to the common spaces within each suite, Hulett and Jencks has a lounge on the first floor of each building with couches, chairs, and tables for residents to do work outside of their room and meet other residents.

Bathrooms: Each suite in Hulett and Jencks has a restroom for residents of that suite to share. There are also two restrooms on the first floor in each building, with one designated for women and one for men. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls.

Laundry: In total, Hulett and Jencks each have three laundry rooms with three washers, three dryers, and three tables for folding.