Dean Eaton

Dean Eaton

Located in the center of campus, Dean Eaton is situated between our Student Center and the Brush Memorial Quad, a large grassy space ideal for ultimate Frisbee or snow sculptures.

An upperclass building, Dean Eaton houses over 200 students in mostly double and single rooms although some triples and quads are available. Dean Eaton features a courtyard and is one of our largest and oldest residences on campus. These unique characteristics allow for a variety of spaces, ranging from the Dean Eaton formal lounge to social block-housing opportunities. Dean Eaton was refurbished in the summer of 2000.

Community Areas: Dean Eaton has a formal lounge located near the Brush Memorial Quad as well as a smaller second-floor lounge where residents can do homework, study, or socialize with friends. There is also a second-floor kitchen. 

Bathrooms: A total of sixteen restrooms for men and women throughout the building with at least one restroom in each hall. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls. Residents have the chance to vote to make the bathrooms co-ed at the start of each semester, when the Community Assistant facilitates this process.

Laundry: Two laundry rooms located in the basement. The laundry room near the entrance by Hepburn Hall has three washers, three dryers, and a table for folding laundry. The laundry room near the formal lounge has six washers, six dryers and a table for folding laundry.

Dean Eaton Floor Plans

Dean Eaton First Floor

Dean Eaton first floor plan shows 34 single bedrooms, 28 double rooms, 11 triple bedrooms, one quad, twelve bathrooms, one single bathroom, one office, one lounge, and a trash room.

Dean Eaton Second Floor

Dean Eaton second floor plan shows 36 single bedrooms, 38 double rooms, nine triple rooms, one quad, nine shared bathrooms, one single bathroom, one computer lounge, two lounges, and one kitchen.

Dean Eaton Third Floor

Dean Eaton third floor plans show six double rooms, one single room, two triple rooms, two bathrooms, and one quad.