Bed Lofting and Bunking Request Form

One service St. Lawrence University provides is the option to have your bed raised, lofted, or bunked. If you want your bed to remain in the standard position you do NOT need to do anything.  All beds are in the standard position (27 inches) unless you submit a request. To see the various bed height options, you may view the photo gallery below on this page.

If you would like your bed raised, lofted, or bunked, please complete the request form in the Residence Portal.

If you wish to have your beds bunked, both roommates must complete a request form. If you are requesting to have your bed raised or lofted, only one request is required.  If you would like your bed raised, lofted or bunked before you arrive on campus, please submit this form no later than Friday, August 12, 2022. After this deadline, you can work with the cleaner in your residential building after you move into your room or you may submit a Work Order. (Please note you must be on-campus or connected to the campus VPN to access the university work order system.)