48 Park St.

48 Park St.

This upperclass building includes four senior apartments on the first floor and two additional floors of traditional style housing (with double and single rooms) for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

Walking distance from the Sullivan Student Center main entrance: 7 minutes

Popular with: People who like a quiet residence hall, older buildings, and newer windows resulting in better insulation. Not so popular with people who don’t like living by train tracks.

Amenities: Proximity to downtown Canton, including the movie theater, restaurants, and the farmer’s market.

St. Lawrence History gurus say: 48 Park was built in 1930. It was first used by the Greek fraternity Sigma Pi until the late 1970's, when the fraternity moved to a building at the location of the current Diana B. Torrey Health and Counseloing Center. Since that time the building has been used as a residential hall.

Students say: “48 Park is the building to choose if you want to live someplace comfortable and quiet. The atmosphere is very relaxed. Everyone says 'hi' to each other when we pass in the halls, and neighbors are generally considerate. If you have good neighbors, there isn't much noise. You can study all day and night. The only real issues come from people outside going downtown on the weekends, and the train, before you get used to it. The rooms also keep sound in pretty well, so you can play music in your room at a decent volume, and walk outside of it to a silent hallway. My room is larger than a lot of other singles, even if not by much, so that's good. I also have an actual closet, so I have room for all of my clothes. The only thing that I dislike about my room is the carpet. It's near impossible to clean if I spill anything on it.” Richelle Davis, ‘13

Res Life says: “48 Park provides an opportunity for seniors to live in apartments while receiving the benefits of living in university housing.” Joshua Drake, Associate Director of Residence Life

Bathrooms: Two co-ed restrooms. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls.

Laundry: One laundry room in the basement with two washers and two dryers.

48 Park St. Floor Plans

48 Park St. First Floor

48 Park Street first floor plan shows four apartments each featuring a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a double room.

48 Park St. Second Floor

48 Park Street second floor plan shows four single rooms, three double rooms, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom.

48 Park St. Third Floor 

48 Park Street floor plan shows one single room, three double rooms, and a shared bathroom.