Merit Scholarship Grade Point Average Requirements

Student recipients of institutional merit scholarships require a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 after four semesters of enrollment or a minimum semester average of 3.0 in the most recent two semesters. This minimum is in addition to the standard Satisfactory Academic Standards of Progress (SAP) for federal and need based St. Lawrence aid resources. The merit scholarship types include Trustee, Momentum, Sesquicentennial, University, St. Lawrence Promise Scholar, Kirk Douglas Scholar, Augsbury North County, Canadian Scholar, and International Scholarships. Note that a GPA may be rounded should it be at least 2.9 in some cases.

Students who do not meet this merit scholarship minimum are notified in writing by the Financial Aid Office. The student will lose eligibility for the merit scholarship until the requirements are achieved or a waiver of merit standards is approved.

Waiver of Merit Standards: The merit scholarship minimum GPA may be waived providing documented medical or unusual personal circumstances can be shown to exist. A full documented medical withdrawal determined by the Office of Student Life may be used. The appeal is made in writing to the Executive Director of Financial Aid. The appeal should include the circumstances specific to the issue of the student’s inability to achieve the minimum merit cumulative GPA or semester GPA. Some examples of a request for a waiver of merit standards may include the death of a relative of the student, the personal injury or illness of the student, or other extenuating circumstances. The appeal should also include an academic plan with specific measures to meet during the financial aid probationary period. The student’s progress is evaluated at the end of the term and merit waivers are granted on a semester-by-semester basis. A student who successfully appeals will be placed on financial aid probation and will be permitted to continue to receive the merit scholarship for a subsequent semester. After this financial aid probationary period, the student’s GPA will be reviewed.