Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What office is responsible for the administration of the campus employment program?

A: The Financial Aid Office is responsible for the administration of the program. The program is subject to and will be administered in accordance with all Federal and State laws and statutes governing employment practices.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the campus employment program?

A: Undergraduate students who are matriculated in a degree program and enrolled at least half time are eligible to participate. Many financial aid recipients are offered the opportunity for campus employment as part of their financial aid package. Financial aid letters/notifications will indicate federal or institutional campus employment, with preference given to students with federally funded employment in the initial hiring process.

Q: How do I apply for a job on campus?

A: Students interested in applying for campus employment may do so by contacting departments directly to inquire about any available job opportunities. Students may review the list of openings on the Campus Employment website or Presence. Once a student reviews the openings and chooses a position of interest, the student should contact the department directly for specific application instructions. Students should be prepared to complete an application and/or an interview.

Q: Who makes the hiring decision?

A: The prospective campus employer will make the hiring decision. Once the decision is made, the employer will submit a Personnel Action form to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Q: How will I be paid?

A: Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the number of hours worked. Checks are sent directly to your SMC box or may be paid by direct deposit. Please note that Community Assistants (CAs) will have the option of bi-weekly checks or a room waiver for their compensation.

Q. How do I sign up for direct deposit?

A: You may enroll in direct deposit by completing an enrollment form and submitting it to the Business Office in Vilas Hall. You may have your funds directly deposited to more than one bank account and to any bank in the United States. The direct deposit form can be found under the Campus Employment > Forms section of this website or in the Financial Aid Office.

Q: What forms must I complete before I can begin work?

A: Prior to being hired, all students, who plan on working, must complete an I-9 form. Students who are US citizens or permanent residents must complete a W-4 form. International students may be required to complete a W-4 or 8233 form, depending on their country of residency. US students may complete required forms in the Financial Aid Office. International students may complete required forms in the Business Office located in Vilas Hall. All students are also required to complete a NYS Notice of Pay Form for each position they hold on campus - prior to beginning work. Students MUST have all required payroll forms completed on or before their first day of work.

Q: How many hours am I allowed to work?

A: Students may work a maximum of 15 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours per week during breaks.

Q: What if I play a sport in the fall? Is it possible to work during the spring semester only?

A: Yes, you may obtain a job for the fall or spring semester only, or you may begin work during the fall semester and work only a few hours per week as some employers will work around your schedule.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question concerning the payroll process?

A: It depends on the question. If you have a question regarding the PA form or the I-9/W4 information, you should contact the Financial Aid Office. If you have a question regarding your rate of pay or the number of hours worked, you should contact your immediate supervisor. If you have a question regarding your W2 form or paycheck, you should contact the Business Office.

Q: What is the current rate of pay for a student position?

A: The current range of hourly pay for a student position is $7.70 to $10.40. Pay rates are determined by criteria such as nature of work performed, duties and responsibilities, skill level of tasks and duties, as well as judgment and knowledge required to perform the job. Each student position is assigned a grade level and there is only one rate of pay per grade level for all student employees in that position.