Campus Employment

Student Employment Philosophy

A student desiring to meet educational expenses through part-time campus employment should be encouraged and assisted in locating employment opportunities. In addition to being a financial resource, campus employment can serve as an educational tool to increase the student’s job skills and enhance future career opportunities. Campus employment is meant to complement the student's academic experience.

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for the administration of the student employment program on campus. St. Lawrence University’s campus employment program is subject to, and will be administered in accordance with, all Federal and State laws and statutes governing employment practices.

The following are important things to know about the campus employment program:

  • Students wishing to work on campus will need to contact departments directly to apply for a position. A General Application is available in the forms section below for students to submit to hiring departments. Employers will be asked to submit job postings to the Financial Aid Office where they will be posted on this website for students to review.
  • Students are limited to working a maximum of 15 hours per week total while classes are in session. Students and their employers will need to plan accordingly to prevent students from exceeding this maximum allotment for all positions held on campus.
  • Students can be employed by only two departments simultaneously. Any assignments submitted for a third department will be reviewed by the Campus Employment Committee and the student and employers involved will be contacted. The student may be asked to choose which two departments they would like to continue working with.
  • Students working on campus for the first time must complete the I-9/W4/NYS Paid Family Leave forms prior to beginning work. US citizens will complete these forms in the Financial Aid Office, while international students must visit the Business Office located in Vilas Hall. Students must bring identification to the Financial Aid/Business Office (e.g. U.S. Passport/U.S. Passport Card or Photo ID along with original Social Security Card or Original Birth Certificate). All identification must be current, it cannot be expired. Students may sign-up for direct deposit with their bank's routing number and a bank account number.
  • In accordance with New York State Labor Laws, students are required to sign a Notice of Pay Form for each position. This form must be signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office before the student begins working. Employers will be responsible for overseeing the completion of this form and will be required to submit it along with the Personnel Action Form to the Financial Aid Office on or before the student's first day of employment.

Contact Information:
The Financial Aid Office is located on the second floor of Payson Hall. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please direct any questions you have to the Financial Aid office at 315-229-5265 or