Institutional Grants

SLU Need-based Grants:

St. Lawrence University Grants are based on demonstrated financial need using the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). SLU Grant amounts depend on need, academic standing, and available resources. Students may receive SLU Merit funds in addition to the need-based grants. Information about St. Lawrence University Merit Scholarships may be found here.

SLU Legacy Grants:

Legacy Grants are offered to incoming students who have had or currently have a sibling attending St. Lawrence or have had a parent or grandparent attend in the past. It is not need- or academic-based. This is a $2,500 grant for each of the four years totaling $10,000, disbursed over eight semesters. This grant is not awarded to siblings whose enrollment begins in the same semester or to students eligible for the St. Lawrence employee tuition remission benefit.

St. Lawrence Supplemental Grants:

St. Lawrence Supplemental Grants are called the Laurentian Award or the Supplemental Laurentian Award which are based on special circumstance situations.

Additional Grants:

Financial aid is provided to assist in meeting the student’s demonstrated financial need. In some cases, outside awards received by the student may exceed their unmet need. In these situations, we work to reduce self-help aid resources, such as loans or student employment, first and would only reduce the St. Lawrence grant as a last resort. Awards are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Each aid recipient is required to notify the Financial Aid Office if outside or local awards are received and indicate whether they are renewable or one-time awards.