Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Across Laurentians

What is IDEAL?

World Pride March 2019

The mission of St. Lawrence is to provide an inspiring and demanding undergraduate education to students selected for their seriousness of purpose and intellectual promise. An important facet of this mission is preparing students to become responsible members of our interconnected global community. This was reaffirmed in 2015 with the adoption of the Statement on Diversity.

St. Lawrence is devoted to creating, sustaining, and expanding a diverse University, but we recognize that there is room to grow.  St. Lawrence boasts a powerful alumni network, but there are areas where this potential remains untapped. How do we better recognize and utilize the diversity of our alumni body to connect current students with supportive mentors? One way we are seeking to do this is with the launch of IDEAL: Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Across Laurentians.

IDEAL is a group open to Laurentians and allies who wish to stay connected to, and involved with, St. Lawrence diversity and inclusion initiatives. Six Laurentians currently serve as leaders of the IDEAL membership. They work closely with the University and provide knowledge, expertise, and perspective to help propel St. Lawrence and IDEAL forward. 

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Group of Alumni on Campus


The mission of IDEAL is to expand involvement in the Laurentian network so that it best represents the diversity of the St. Lawrence community.  IDEAL will work with the Office of Laurentian Engagement and the Office of the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion to promote diversity and inclusion both on-campus and off. This will be accomplished by an expansion of Laurentian events, networking opportunities, and mentoring opportunities to support students of diversity on-campus.

Campus Resources

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For more information, or if you have questions about IDEAL, please contact Victoria Lederer, Associate Director of Laurentian Engagement at

Laurentian Engagement: Diversity & Inclusion Action Items