Programming & Events

This list represents the events and programs offered and/or co-sponsored by the Diversity Committee and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion from Summer 2017 through Fall 2019.

August 30: Intercultural Faculty-Staff Opening Reception, 3:00-5:00, Sykes Common Room

September 6: Building an Inclusive Community BBQ, 6:00-7:30, Enchanted Forest

September 9: Campus Climate Survey for Diversity & Inclusion Open Forum, 7:00-8:00, Winston Room (additional forums to be announced)

September 12-October 3: Raising Cultural Awareness 101, Thursdays 2:30-4:30, Atwood Chapel

September 15-October 15: National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 22: Chapel Open House and Doggie De-Stress Day, 2:00-4:00, Gunnison Chapel

September 25: Diversity & Inclusion Book Club: Inclusion by Jennifer Brown, 12:00-1:00, Crandell Room of the Student Center

September 27-29:Family Weekend, Diversity Milestones Display in the Alumni Living Room of the Student Center

October: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 17: Laurentians in Residence, featuring former SLU Presidential Diversity Scholar Elizabeth Pimentel (’07), Hannon Room of the Student Center

October 28: "Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation", Winston Room, 5.30 to 6.30 pm

November: Native American Heritage Month

Nov 1: Presidential Diversity Scholar, Karla General, was the keynote speaker for Women's Leadership Institute's "Agents of Change" conference

November 13 Diversity & Inclusion Book Club: Life Isn’t Binary by Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi, 12:00-1:00, Crandell Room of the Student Center

November 18-22 International Education Week

November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance

December 13 Intercultural Faculty-Staff Holiday Reception, 3:00-5:00, Sykes Common Room

Spring 2019

January 17: "Welcome Home" Potluck for PDS, KDS and Int'l Students

January 19: Theater of the Oppressed for Student Leaders

January 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 

January 22: National Day of Racial Healing

January 24: Celebration of Jeffrey Campbell ('33)

February 5: Conversation on Racial Healing

February 20: Book talk with alumnus LaQuan Elijah Bell

February 27 - March 2: Gospel Workshop

March 2 - 8: Diversity and Inclusion Week

April 11 - 12: Celebration of Diversity

May 1: EOY Gathering with Multi-cultural Faculty/Staff and their friends

June 2 - 5: Diversity and Civility in the Liberal Arts Institute

Spring 2018
January-March:  Meetings with Faculty Candidates
January 15:  International Student Orientation
January 16:  Workshop for CAs: A Conversation about Diversity and Inclusion
January 16:  Laurentian Leadership Conference: Presentation about Citizenship
January 17:  MLK Celebration
Jan. 19-Feb. 23:  Faculty/Staff Reading Group: Transforming the Academy
January 23:  Webinar: Racist Messages on Campus
January 24:  Workshop for Admissions Staff: Diversity and Inclusion, What Are Your Questions?
January 28:  Workshop for Admissions Ambassadors: Diversity and Inclusion: What Are Your Questions?
January 28:  Workshop: A Conversation About Conflict
January 30:  PALS Class: Discussion about Implicit Bias, readings from Blindspot
January 31:  Webinar on Micro-aggressions
February 1:  Webinar on Interrupting Racism
February 12:  Open Forum: Questions about Climate Survey
February 12:  PDS Dinner, Planning for Future PDS Programming
February 14:  Open Forum: Questions about Climate Survey
February 19:  Guest Lecture in honor of Black History Month: Starting a Dialogue (Alcee Walker, ’11)
February 20:  Campus Climate Survey Launch
February 28-March 3: Gospel Workshop
March 1-3:  Gender and Sexuality Conference, Panel Discussion
March 2-April 20:  Raising Cultural Awareness: Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Course
March 6-10:  NADOHE Conference, Washington DC
March 8:  Laurentian Engagement Event, Washington DC

Fall 2017
August-December: Diversity Advocate Pilot Program for Tenure-Track Faculty Searches
August-December: Preparations for Campus Climate Survey
August 7:  Workshop on Cultural Effectiveness for Dana Dining Services
August 11:  Micro-aggression Training for RCs
August 11:  Workshop on Cultural Effectiveness, Diversity, and Inclusion at SLU for Safety and Security
August 25:  International Student Orientation
August 28:  Diversity and Inclusion Workshop featuring Verna Myers’ book, What If I Say The Wrong Thing? First-Year Orientation
September:   SAFE (SAINTS Activists for Equity) grant coordinator hired
September 15:  International Student Services advisor hired
September 11:  Workshop on Navigating a Tense Classroom for Faculty
September 12: Guest Lectures: Robyn Ochs, Embracing An All-And Identity in an Either/Or World (Lunch and Learn) and Beyond Binary evening presentation
September 13:  Admissions Ambassadors, Diversity and Inclusion at SLU
September 14:  Diversity and Inclusion component for FY Convocation
September 15:  Faculty Recruitment: Consortium for Faculty Diversity Conference at Grinnell College, IA
September 19:  Webinar on Classroom Civility
September 20:  Open Forum, International Students
September 25: Cultural Competency Training for LGBTQIA Issues (Part 1) by ACR Health
September 27:  Diversity and Inclusion Planning Meeting, Leaders of Multicultural Student Organizations
September 29:  Guest Lecture: Teaching Difficult Topics in the Age of Trump (Dr. Nancy Khalek, Associate Professor of         Religious Studies, Brown University)
September 29:  Minority Access Award Presented to SLU: Minority Access Role Model Award Presented to University Chaplain Kathleen Buckley
October 3:  Co-facilitation of Faculty Caucus discussion on Classroom Conflict and Academic Freedom
October 5:  PDS Ice Cream Social
October 5:  Workshop on Micro-Aggressions
October 16: ACR Health provides part two of two training for faculty and staff Cultural Competency
October 16:  Panel Discussion at Roxy Theater, I Am Not Your Negro
October 17:  FY Orientation Follow-Up: Verna Myers’ What If I Say The Wrong Thing? – Two Additional Habits
October 18:  Diversity and Inclusion Planning Meeting, Leaders of Student Organizations
October 20:  Diversity and Inclusion Workshop for SLU’s Board of Trustees
October 25:  Open Forum, International Students
October 26:   Dinner with LGBTQ Students of Difference
November 2:  Dinner with members of BSU
November 3:  Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion for Community Mentors
November 7:  Open Forum: A Conversation with Kimberly Flint-Hamilton
November 13:   FY Orientation Follow-Up: Embrace Difference – We Have More in Common Than You Think
November 29:  Traditional Native American Haudenoshaunee Social Dance in honor of Native American Heritage Month
November 30:  Guest Lecture: Chris Mosier – All American Duathlete Speaks about Being an Openly Trans Man
December 1:  Dinner with LGBTQ Students of Difference
December 3:   PDS Winter Break Social
December 6:  Guest Lecture: Alan Santinele Martino, It is Easier Not To Think About It – Silences and Possibilities at the Intersection of Disability and Sexuality
December 6:  Open Forum, International Students
December 12:  Open Forum: A Conversation with Kimberly Flint-Hamilton
December 15-17:  Three-Day Restorative Justice Training Workshop
December 19:  Luncheon with Graduating International Students

Summer 2017
June-August:  Trainings for RCs, OLs, and Faculty/Staff volunteers for Diversity and Inclusion Workshop for First-Year Orientation 
June 12:   Workshop on Cultural Effectiveness for SLU’s University Advancement
June 24:   Laurentian Engagement Alumni/ae Event, NYC
June 25: NYC Pride March with Laurentian Engagement and Alumni/ae
July 25:   Workshop for HEOP students on Diversity and Inclusion
July 26:   Workshop for Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Effectiveness for SLU’s Finance Office
July 2017:   LGBTQIA Sensitivity Training for HEOP mentors and mentees
August 2017:  LGBTQIA terminology training for Global Gateways students