2021-2022 Summary of Bias Incidents

2021-2022 Bias Incident Reports

Submitted by Bias Incident Reporting Team

August 2022

A total of 27 bias incident reports were submitted during the 2021-2022 academic year. Reports were submitted by the following groups:

Submitted by:

Students:                     23

Faculty/staff:               1

Anonymous:               2

External to SLU:          1

For four of the reports, the bias was aimed at multiple protected identities. We note that, in every case of reports indicating multiple protected groups, race was one of the identities – a phenomenon we observed in the 2020-2021 academic year as well.

Alleging bias against the following protected identities:

Race/ethnicity            11

Religion                       5

Sexual orientation      4

Gender                        4

National origin           3         

Ability                         2

Other                          8

2021-2022 Bias Incident Reports

The 27 reports were handled in the following ways:

  • 11 reports indicated bias

    • 10 of these reports were referred for investigation

      • 4 of these 10 reports were handled through investigative processes followed by restorative practices
    • 1 report was addressed via restorative practices
  • 16 reports did not appear to indicate bias
    • 9 of these reports seemed to be other violations of SLU’s code of conduct and were referred for investigation
    • 7 of these reports resulted in restorative practices, mediation, or dialogue between involved parties

Submitted by Bias incident Reporting Team:

Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion and BIRT chair

Ashlee Downing-Duke, Senior Associate Director of Student Activities

Pat Gagnon, Assistant Vice President, Safety & Security

Rance Davis, Associate Dean of Student Life

Mark Denaci, Associate Professor of Art and Art History

Laura Rediehs, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Debra Mousaw, Director of Human Resources