Laurentian Engagement: Diversity & Inclusion Action Items

Action Items

Read and learn more about the Office of Laurentian Engagement's Diversity. Equity & Inclusion Action Items.

Utilizing “Laurentian Connection” and in partnership with campus colleagues, the Laurentian Engagement team will work to foster and develop identity-based mentoring opportunities.  This effort will address a critical need that our students have shared.

In partnership with IDEAL volunteers, the Laurentian Engagement team will host four dedicated annual regional events, while incorporating diversity, inclusion and equity events at on-campus functions (i.e. Reunion, etc.)
• Regional events set to include: NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., annual Pride March
• During Reunion, we will host a faculty seminar around diversity and inclusion
• During Reunion and Homecoming, we will host a reception for underrepresented alumni, faculty, staff and students

In partnership with Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, the Laurentian Engagement staff will co-host a webinar series aimed at broadening the understanding of diversity and inclusion within the Laurentian Community.
• Host 4-6 Zoom webinars annually for alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students to continue listening and learning.

The Laurentian Engagement team will improve its communication around diversity, inclusion and equity.  These initial efforts will social media and SLU News.
• Utilizing the SLU Alumni Association Facebook page, we will amplify voices and accomplishments of BIPOC Laurentians.
• Ensure that the University is regularly sharing its progress and initiatives, while also informing the community of upcoming events or webinars in SLU News.

The Laurentian Engagement team will develop a job description for a paid student internship with a continued focus on diversity, inclusion and equity.
• Initial efforts could focus on the identity mentorship program, webinars and on- and off-campus event preparation. 

The Laurentian Engagement team will actively work with volunteers to grow the membership of IDEAL through various avenues.  We will strengthen the mission and goals of IDEAL with volunteer input, as needs of our underrepresented students continue to evolve.

To continue our personal growth and development, and to provide opportunities to fellow colleagues, the Laurentian Engagement team will facilitate a reading club for all members of University Advancement around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
• Read 3-4 books annually recommended by IDEAL volunteers, the Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and other members of the Laurentian Community.
• Host bi-weekly conversations in Zoom to allow for all to partake; utilize breakout rooms as needed for meaningful group discussions.
• We will work to incorporate the lessons we learn from these readings and incorporate them into impactful actions in our work.