Young Alumni League


St. Lawrence University continues to engage its young alumni audience of the last 10 years with a series of programs, events and appeals.

As a Young Alumni League member, you're encouraged to connect with and re-engage fellow classmates about the importance of participation with the university and staying engaged.

Playing for a Cause

The Young Alumni League is a unique form of volunteer gamification.  Committee members engage with the program as players/team members in a competition that closely mirrors fantasy sports.  At the end of the year the committee member with the most points wins the title ‘Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year’.

Committee Member Responsibilities:

•  Each committee member drafts a team of 20 people from the class, then throughout the year score points any time one of the people on their team does one of the point category actions. (Make a gift, attend an event, etc.)
•  Make a gift of any amount to the St. Lawrence Fund within the Fiscal Year. We encourage committee members to make their pledge before December 31 to serve as an example to other committee members and classmates.

***How scoring points works***

Categories (2021 Season) - Awarded to league members for their own, or members of their team’s, actions.  

Participate in a Zoom/Skype Social - 15 pts.
     Host a zoom meeting/happy hour to catch up with members of your team.  This can be as small as 1-on-1 or a big group chat.
     To be counted, just send a list of participants to after the call.
Annual Fund gift - 10 pts:  Make a Gift
Volunteer as a Laurentian Admissions Associate - 10 pts:  Learn More or Apply
Register a Laurentian Connection account - 10 pts:  Join Laurentian Connection
• Join the Laurentian Book Club - 10 pts:  Create an Account
Send Thank-You note to a member of your team - 10 pts.

For more information, contact Dennis Morreale, Associate Director of Annual Giving, at or (315) 229-5321.


Already a Young Alumni League Volunteer? 

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Previous League Champions

Paige Friedlander '16

2019 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

Lyndsay Malcomb '10

2018 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

Elizabeth Edwards '12

2017 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

Andrew Leiser '11

2016 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

Lyndsay Malcomb '10

2015 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

Mark Armstrong '12

2014 Young Alumni Philanthropist of the Year

2019 Division Champions

Cameron Bruns Ewing '09

Lyndsay Malcomb '10

Joe Rothrock '11

Elizabeth Edwards '12

Mary Baucom '13

Megan Amoroso '14

Kelan Koncewicz '15

Paige Friedlander '16

Jack Vielhauer '17

Previous Division Champions

Class of 2009

2015 - Sarah Callaway
2016 - Erin Sweeney
2017 - Cameron Bruns Ewing
2018 - Emily Rama

Class of 2010

2015 - Lyndsay Malcomb
2016 - Lyndsay Malcomb
2017 - Lyndsay Malcomb
2018 - Lyndsay Malcomb

Class 0f 2011

2014 - Andrew Leiser
2015 - Shannon Hughes
2016 - Andrew Leiser
2017 - Chris Cook
2018 - Lauren Reed

Class 0f 2012

2014 - Mark Armstrong
2015 - Jessica Feldman
2016 - Leslie Golden
2017 - Elizabeth Edwards
2018 - Elizabeth Edwards

Class 0f 2013

2014 - Amy Callahan
2015 - Amy Callahan
2016 - Mary Baucom
2017 - Madeline Fones
2018 - Mary Baucom

Class 0f 2014

2015 - Haley Burrowes
2016 - Morgan Jackson
2017 - Morgan Jackson
2018 - Morgan Jackson

Class 0f 2015

2016 - Kelly Appenzeller
2017 - Alex Kuno
2018 - Kelan Koncewicz

Class 0f 2016

2017 - Jane Eifert
2018 - Paige Friedlander

Class 0f 2017

2018 -  Zachary Hallock