Mapping the Laurentian Legacy

Mapping the Laurentian Legacy Screenshot of Campus GIS Map

See the impact of Laurentian generosity through time and place.

Since its founding in 1856, St. Lawrence University's campus has grown to include spaces and objects of all kinds (buildings, rooms, windows, gardens, athletics fields, walkways, benches, trees, rocks, sculptures) named to honor or memorialize Laurentians who have contributed to the University's history and culture.

These spaces and objects tell our story. They add beauty and richness to our surroundings and bring alumni, parents, and friends back to campus to revisit those places. Begun in 2014 with the support of a campus innovation grant, the Mapping the Laurentian Legacy (MLL) project has inventoried spaces and objects, conveniently presenting them to you on your computer or mobile device.

Enjoy a virtual tour through the named spaces and places on campus.

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