St. Lawrence Fund

The St. Lawrence Fund supports every student, every day. Loyal donors provide an immediate impact for new and emerging projects, special services and unique opportunities that make the St. Lawrence experience special. The St. Lawrence Fund allows the University to invest where it is needed most, including scholarships, internships, student support services and campus enhancements. 

As an individual, you make a gift. Together, we make an impact!

Make a Gift!

Alumni in a Reunion Parade with Balloons

Reunion Giving

The Reunion Class Gift is a St. Lawrence tradition of giving back to the place that provided a foundation for success in your lifetime, while supporting today’s students. Led by dedicated volunteers, Reunion Giving is the foundation that helps the University meet the need for additional St. Lawrence Fund dollars that critical priorities today.

Parent Giving

St. Lawrence continues to make significant advances in higher education while distinguishing itself as a high-quality liberal arts college. Parent giving plays a critical role in this, as their support provides a flexible source of income that is used to sustain and enhance the most strategically-important projects, programs and initiatives on a day-to-day basis.  

Student Graduating

Student Giving

Students are the lifeblood of the University, and our donor programs are dedicated to supporting the dynamic St. Lawrence experience our alumni, parents and friends have come to know and expect. Our students take great pride in their alma mater, and are asked to help enhance a culture of philanthropy by giving throughout their time on campus.

St. Lawrence Fund Scholars Program

To attract promising academic talent, we must stay competitive with our financial aid. We know that Every Laurentian arrives in Canton with different needs. Our values and our traditions—combined with our financial assistance—make it possible for new generations of students to engage with the St. Lawrence experience.

Young Alumni League

St. Lawrence University continues to engage its young alumni audience of the last 15 years with a series of programs, events and appeals. As a Young Alumni League member, you're encouraged to connect with and re-engage fellow classmates about the importance of participation with the University at any giving level. 

Calling ALL Saints

Each week during the fall and spring semester, our current students call Laurentians asking for annual fund gifts and to update their information with the University. Be sure to pick up that 315-229 number next time you see it calling and speak with a current student!

2023-2024 Progress

$5.7 Million