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The mission of the St. Lawrence University Parents Committee is to help identify and put to best use the considerable talents and resources of St. Lawrence parents for the benefit of our students' education, and to provide committee members with opportunities to learn more about the people, programs, and plans of their children's school.

A message from President Kathryn A. Morris

President Kate Morris

As the parent of a current college student and a recent college graduate, I have a deep respect for the role our parents play in our students’ lives. You dedicated so much of the last two decades to raising a smart, thoughtful, and engaging young adult, and you helped your child excel academically and in extracurricular activities. Successful admission to a highly selective institution like St. Lawrence is another meaningful indicator of the encouragement and assistance you give your student. I understand the trust you place in us when you support your child’s choice to attend our institution. And I hope you share your student’s pride in being a member of the Laurentian community.

I am pleased to offer you a special opportunity that builds on—and in many ways combines—your essential role and the unique transformation your student will experience at St. Lawrence. I hope you will consider becoming a member of our parents committee. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to your student and learn more about the opportunities and resources available to all our students.

From one parent to another, you have my sincere gratitude and admiration for raising a curious and compassionate Laurentian. I share your commitment to your child’s future and all the opportunities that come from pursuing an education at St. Lawrence.


Kate Morris

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