The Karpus Athletic Center at Appleton Arena

View renderings of some of the Saints Athletics DIII spaces, located in the George W. Karpus ’68 Athletic Center, that will be completed as a part of Phase II of the Appleton Arena Project. 

Rowing Complex - $500,000

Appleton Phase II Rowing Room Rendering

Men's Lacrosse Team Room - $500,000

Appleton Phase II Men's Lacrosse Team Suite Rendering

Women's Lacrosse Team Room - $500,000

Appleton Phase II Women's Lacrosse Team Suite Rendering

Players Lounge - $150,000

Appleton Phase II Players Lounge Rendering

Field Hockey Team Room - $250,000

Appleton Phase II Field Hockey Team Room Rendering

Softball Team Room - $250,000

Appleton Phase II Softball Locker Room Rendering

Athletic Training and Treatment Center - $250,000

Appleton Phase II Training & Treatment Room Rendering

Video and Media Room - $150,000

Appleton Phase II Video and MediaRoom Rendering

Coaches Strategy Room - $100,000

Appleton Phase II Coaches Strategy Room Rendering


Appleton Arena Phase I and Phase II Projects