Can off-campus study or transfer courses count for general education requirements?

If a course taken elsewhere (including transfer credit courses, courses on SLU-approved off-campus study programs, and AP/IB exams) is evaluated as a direct equivalent of a SLU course, it will fulfill any general education requirement the SLU course does. If it is not deemed a direct equivalent, it will not.

In the case of an off-campus study or transfer course that is not deemed a direct equivalent of a SLU course, the student may request from the appropriate department chair that the course fulfill a distribution credit (ARTS, HU, SS, NS-L). A course that is not a direct equivalent of a SLU course may not fulfill a general education requirement that requires approval by the Academic Affairs Committee (DIV13, LANG, QLR, EL).

Courses on off-campus study programs may never fulfill the DIV13 or LANG requirement. The only way a student may earn DIV credit through an off-campus study program is by participating in a CIIS-regulated process that includes pre-departure reflective writing, participation in a workshop, and post-return reflective writing approved by the CIIS committee. Students accepted for off-campus study receive full details on this process.