Transfer & AP Credit from Other Sources

In order to transfer credits from other colleges, students must request an official transcript (paper or secure electronic transcript) from the host school and send it to the Registrar’s office at St. Lawrence University. 

Credit from Other Sources

The following general policies apply to credits earned or sought from sources other than courses offered by St. Lawrence and courses taken by cross-registration. 

  • The student must be matriculated (accepted by admissions) as a full-time student at St. Lawrence University, with the exception of an employee of St. Lawrence University or other member of the Associated Colleges who may be part time.
  • Upon entrance, acceptability of credit is determined by the registrar; at other times it is determined by the registrar and/or committee in consultation with the appropriate department chair(s). 
  • Credit is given no grade value and does not become a part of the student’s cumulative or major or minor GPA. For a unit to be transferred, it must have a minimum grade of C or 2.0 on a fourpoint system.
  • Upon entrance, the equivalent of two years’ work may be counted toward graduation. Sixteen units must be completed at St. Lawrence.
  • Matriculated students in good academic standing (having a minimum GPA of 2.0 and the proper number of completed units) may transfer up to eight units of credit.
  • Matriculated students on academic probation may apply to pursue coursework at another institution. However, they must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 at the end of the term to transfer the credit from the other institution.
  • Transfer credit will not be granted to students while they are under academic suspension. A student readmitted from academic suspension may request the registrar for transfer of credit earned elsewhere while under suspension.

In addition to the general policies, the following specific policies apply to particular means of obtaining credit.

  • Transfer credit from other institution
    • To be assured of receiving credit toward graduation from St. Lawrence University, matriculated students must obtain prior approval of individual courses or programs of study. If intending to study off-campus during a regular fall or spring semester, such approval must be obtained from the committee on off-campus study and the appropriate department chair(s). Approval of courses to be taken during the summer or between the fall and spring semesters should be obtained from the appropriate department chair(s) through the registrar’s office. 
    • The credit value of transferred work undertaken during an academic year by a matriculated student shall be assessed against the standard of the expected normal full load of the host institution. For example, a student who completes 15 hours of credit at an institution where the expected normal full load is 12 to 15 hours will ordinarily receive four units of credit toward graduation at St. Lawrence. In other cases:
      • A maximum of two three-semester hour courses may be transferred to St. Lawrence as one St. Lawrence unit each.
      • Beyond two courses, credit value of semester-hour courses (including the first two courses) shall be assessed in accordance with a table of values maintained by the registrar.

Semester/Unit Conversion Tool 

The following conversion tool may be used as a guide. Final input values will be determined by the Registrar's Office and supersede any rounding discrepancies derived from this tool.

Enter a number of units in either box, then click outside the text box to convert either format. (Effective 7/1/08)




Advanced placement and credit

Click here for information on how to request your scores from College Board.

Advanced placement and credit toward graduation are granted to students who achieve a rating of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination(s) listed in the college catalog.

*Students who become government majors will get credit for the AP exam but will need to take Government 103.

Note: Students taking the Physics AP exam must contact the chair of the physics department for credit approval.

Students earning a score of 4 or 5 on the General Biology AP exam may earn 1.5 unit for Biology 102 if they successfully complete Biology 101. For a complete explanation of this option, refer to “Advanced Standing” on page 67 of the biology section in the college catalog.

Courses are acceptable in lieu of departmental prerequisites and fulfill distribution requirements, as indicated. The effect of advanced credit upon the department major requirements is determined by each department chair.