Graduation Checklist: Undergraduates

  1. Complete the Undergraduate Declaration to Graduate online in APR2.
  2. If you believe that your name may be mispronounced during the commencement ceremony, record your name and email the recording to
  3. Check your transcript via the APR2 system to be certain that it is up to date and your major(s)/minor(s) are listed correctly.
  4. Check with your advisor to confirm that you have met all requirements for your major(s)/minor(s).
  5. Complete the Senior Survey from Institutional Research. This is completed when picking up your cap and gown.
  6. Visit the online billing link on the Student Financial Services page  to review your bill. No student will be graduated if they have not discharged all financial obligations to the University. Students with questions regarding their bill can visit the Student Financial Services Office located in the Sullivan Student Center. Your final bill will be available for viewing in June.

Prior to departing campus, you MUST do the following:

  1. Arrange a time with Residence Life for a CA to complete the check-out portion of the Room Inventory & Inspection Sheet with you (failure to check-out with a residence life staff member results in loss of privilege to contest any room charges) or submit an Express Check-Out Form with Residence Life.  Residence Life will have check-out stations located at select locations around campus during the afternoon following the Commencement ceremony.  All University residences close at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 21. If you have difficulty with your check out process, please contact the Residence Life Office (x5250).
  2. Return all library books and any other borrowed items, or you will be charged for them. Call x5337 if you have questions.
  3. Clear out your mailbox at the Campus Mail Center.
  4.  At the senior meeting, you will be given information about loan exit counseling and your loan servicer.  SFS will also email you, detailing specifics related to your account. You may contact Student Financial Services (x5581) for an exit interview if you have federal loans as part of your financial aid package.
  5. Contact payroll if you close your bank account before you leave campus .
  6. Make sure your address stays up to date for processing W2 information once you graduate.
  7. Return any equipment on loan from the Student Health Center (crutches, heating pads, etc.) to the Health Center (or you will be charged for them).
  8. Students in the McNair Scholars Program, CSTEP, and HEOP need to complete a short exit form at the respective program office in Fox Hall (McNair and CSTEP – Rm 206, HEOP – Rm 105).
  9. Athletes must turn in locks and equipment to the Equipment Attendant in the athletic complex, x5796.