Gifts in Memory | St. Lawrence University Campaign for Every Laurentian

Gifts in Memory

Each year thoughtful gifts to the University are made in memory of members of the Laurentian community who are no longer with us. During the current fiscal year, gifts were given in memory of the following individuals.

July 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019

Curtis Boyer
John Burry Jr. '53
Allan G. Drew '58
Matthew J. Finn '98
J. Richard Gilbert
Charlie Gray
Lukas Harvey '18
Harlan H. Holladay
Janette E. Hunt '72
Marcia Harrison Jones '72, P'04
George C. Keady Jr.
Archie F. MacAllaster '50, P'78, GP'22
Archie F. MacAllaster III '78
Barbara Torrey MacAllaster '51, P'78, GP'22
Sandra J. Mather GP'15
Barrett G. Peterson '82, P'12, '14
Edward Pierce
Katherine Sherwood Roberts P'16
Francis J. Shields '54, P'76, '79, '84, GP'17
Janet Nevins Young '51