International House | St. Lawrence University

International House

The International House, or I-House, offers internationally-minded students a place to gather. International students and students returning from abroad are especially encouraged to apply, but any member of the SLU community with interests in intercultural and international issues is welcome. Located in the 2600's of Sykes, the I-House offers campus-wide programs that range from bi-weekly Tea Time and international film showings to bigger events.

Community Areas: A shared common lounge with the Intercultural Floor, including a kitchen and common lounge with couches and a television. There is also a computer lounge with tables, chairs, and five computers for residents to use located at the end of the hallway opposite the common lounge.

Bathrooms: Two restrooms with one designated for women and one for men. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls.

Laundry: One laundry room (shared with the Intercultural Floor) located near the kitchen with two washers, two dryers, and a table for folding laundry.