25 College | St. Lawrence University

25 College

Situated behind Vilas, this upperclass residence offers coed block housing for students. It is composed primarily of double rooms.

Walking distance from the Sullivan Student Center main entrance: 5 minutes 40 seconds

Popular with: People who like huge common spaces, large kitchens, great lawn space, more social yet independent living, and enjoy living near the historical side of campus.

Amenities: 1st floor laundry room and adjacent parking lot

St. Lawrence History gurus say: The building was built by the university in 1926 for the Greek Fraternity Beta Theta Pi (Beta), but was converted into residence hall space in 2005. The Beta temple, the concrete structure across the street from 25 College, is affiliated with the Greek Fraternity, but its purpose is currently a mystery.

ResLife says: “The rooms in 25 College are some of the nicer ones on campus because they have great views of campus, newer tile floors, and are accompanied by large common spaces.” Lauren Stemler, Residential Coordinator, ’12

Community Areas: 25 College has a kitchen and common lounge for residents to use. Bathrooms: 25 College has three full restrooms with one designated for women and two for men. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls. There is also one co-ed half-bathroom with a sink and toilet. Residents have the chance to vote to make the bathrooms co-ed at the start of each semester when the Community Assistant facilitates the voting process.

Laundry: 25 College has one laundry room near the lounge with two washers and two dryers.

Facilities says: The floors are tiled, the hallways are carpeted, and the walls are off-white. The building tends to run cool, have small communities of around 45 residents including a mix of singles, doubles, and a triple.