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Outcomes Dashboard

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What will I do next after I graduate from St. Lawrence? What are some internship options for my major or for what I desire to do?

These are common questions current and prospective students ask: whether you are in your Senior Year of College, a sophomore thinking about declaring majors or exploring career interests, or a prospective student wondering what a Liberal Arts degree from St. Lawrence might prepare you for.

The "Student Outcomes Dashboard" is a tool to learn about employment, internships and continuing education paths of recent SLU graduates 7-9 months after graduation. It presents the most recent five years of data from the annual "Center for Career Excellence Follow Up Survey" of SLU graduates, and information on graduate school enrollment obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse. This data is being shared publicly to assist prospective students and guidance counselors with college choice options; to assist current and future students in charting career paths, exploring internship options and achieving work objectives; and to be used as a tool by faculty, staff, students, alumni and others in understanding student outcomes in a transparent way.


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Quick Facts

Information on average starting salary, internship participation rate and graduate school attendance by major area of study.


For all employed 7-9 months after graduation, industries entered by major field of study

Employment, Graduate School, Internships, Graduate Degrees

Data tables of employers that SLU students work or interned at, and graduate schools attended


Updated with annual survey data in the fall semester. Last updated: 4/25/2024