Outcome Facts Sheets

Fact Sheets

Supplemental to the Outcomes Dashboard are the Career Outcomes Fact Sheets. Linked below, the fact sheets have aggregated survey data from multiple sources in order to provide an accurate snapshot of the career paths and postbaccalaureate education of recent SLU graduates. These are PDF documents and provide much of the same information as the dashboard but with some additional outcomes statistics.

All data are aggregates for the most recent five graduating classes. Majors with less than 5 graduates removed. Career information was obtained through the Career Services Follow-Up Study, conducted 7-10 months after graduation. Postbaccalaureate education information was collected through the National Student Clearinghouse for students who have enrolled within 5 years of graduating.

Career outcomes by academic department, based on students' majors.

Outcomes Fact Sheet Profiles by Academic Division

Detailed profiles of career outcomes and postbaccalaureate education by academic division and in comparison to the graduating class as a whole.

Outcomes Profiles By Department