Special Event Agreement Form

Guidelines for using spaces on campus:

Read and enter your name at the bottom. This confirms your understanding and acceptance of this form.

1. Helium balloons are not allowed in high-ceilinged venues.

2. The following items clog the vacuum cleaners and are prohibited from use. They are very difficult to remove. (Please review with your decorating committee.)

  • a. Glitter in any form or any decorations containing glitter.
  • b. Confetti, especially star confetti or any that contains foil.
  • c. Silly string.
  • d. Any decorations that violate the building’s fire code.

3. You are responsible for leaving the space clean after the event or “as you found it”. What you carry in, you must carry out. Any damages or excess clean up may result in a charge.

If your group has reserved Eben (Eben main, north, south or conference room), the area behind the main stairway which contains the kitchen and serving area is not to be accessed unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Special Event Agreement Form

Decorating Committee
Supplies Needed
Other Information Required (Student Use Only)
Will Dining Services be Required?