Dana Dining Center

Dana Dining Center

Dana’s Dish Room is Fully Reopened

  • We have made it our priority to reopen our dish room to full capacity this semester so there will no longer be disposables in Dana. We are able to make this decision by filling our dish room shifts first and are committed to keeping it fully operational. This does come with potential tradeoffs which include closing down food stations and less staff to work in the front of house on food lines and the dining room if needed. We are focusing on recruiting and retaining our staff with concerted effort, however we continue to face shortages since the pandemic.
  • There is an option for takeout by using our green, reusable containers which can be purchased from our cashiers in Dana. There is a $5 buy in to the program and all you need to do is rinse out the container after use, return it to Dana and you will receive a new one, or given a token to be redeemed at another time. Our staff wash and sanitize the containers for you!

New Food Bars at Dana

  • This semester we have added two new food bars as part of our menu rotation in Dana. These include an Curry Bar and a Bibimbap Bar and each will be featured once every four weeks and served the same way as the Taco Bar. We hope you enjoy them!

We have external card readers for your university ID that YOU will swipe, so there is no need to pass your card to our cashier

  • Self serve buffet and salad bar
  • Recipe Information Availability For the convenience of those who wish to know what ingredients are contained in our recipes, we have made available a booklet which will be at the checker's stand listing each week's recipes. These will be especially helpful to those who may have certain food allergies. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at x-5995 or you may also ask for a manager and they will assist you.



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