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  1. Brown background with a scarlet stripe running horizontally. The words overlay this scarlet stripe saying "Saint Lawrence in the News" and below those words is the orricial Saint Lawrence university logo.

    St. Lawrence in the News-January 30, 2024

    This regular roundup features a selection of recent mentions of St. Lawrence University and its students, faculty, and staff in regional, national, and international media outlets.

  2. John Hill-Edgar, wearing a brown Saints Tennis sweatshirt, stands in the Bloomberg terminal with his arms crossed. There are four large televisions and two computer monitors in the background.

    Donors Light Up Bloomberg Lab Ticker-Tape

    Jim ’69 and Charlie Mahoney ’69 are among the alum and parent donors whose names appear on the ticker-tape outside the Bloomberg Finance Lab. While the lab was created with funds from a George I. Alden Trust grant, these individual gifts fund annual licensing renewal for the proprietary Bloomberg terminals.

  3. Bill and Jane Christ wearing scarlet and brown lanyards.

    Christ Family Scholarship Established with Love


    The moment they stepped onto the Beta fire truck for their first date, Bill Christ ’68 and Jane Jochum Christ  ’69 began what would become a quintessential St. Lawrence love story.

  4. Three people wearing waders, walk behind two happy dogs on a trail after searching for turtles in the woods.

    How a Wildlife Detection Dog and His Student Handlers Are Helping Preserve Rare Turtles

    The river valley is quiet. It’s a sunny day in June, and Evelyn Albrecht ’25 has just given the wildlife detection dog named Newt his search command. Something switches on in the 4-year-old Labrador retriever’s brain. He’s in work mode now, bounding along the river bank in an erratic zig-zag pattern, deploying his stellar snout to sniff out wood turtles and help aid conservation efforts in Rhode Island. 

  5. Jake Blount plays the violin to a group of students.

    Jake Blount’s ‘Black Folk Music from the Future’

    In late October, the Ken Okoth ’01 Black American Music Project brought artist Jake Blount to campus to perform a free public performance and guest lecture in classes. The musician and scholar, whose...

  6. Rendition of Appleton Arena Phase II

    New Division III Athletics Facility Takes Shape

    Construction is underway on the donor-funded Appleton Arena George W. Karpus ’68 Athletic Center with plans to open in September 2024. The project will be completed as phase two of the Appleton Arena project, and $11.3 million in gifts and pledges have been raised so far.

  7. Janel Smith smiles as she rings the chapel bells.

    On a Ringing Streak

    Neal Burdick '72

    Janel Smith ’99 has the longest track record when it comes to ringing the iconic St. Lawrence University chapel bells.

  8. President Morris hands lady bug bracelets to smiling members of the Saints Women's Cross Country Team.

    Revisiting My ‘Why’

    President Morris reflects on the moments at St. Lawrence that remind her what drew her to a career in higher education.

  9. Abagael and Scott Giles.

    “It’s Not Simply Being Good. It’s Being Good For Something.”

    Abagael Giles ’15 is a Public Radio Reporter. Scott Giles ’82, P’15 Helps Vermonters Plan and Pay for College and Career Training. Both Daughter and Father Found Their Sense of Purpose at St. Lawrence.