Additional Campus Resources

Here is a list of campus resources for students:

Student Accessibility Services: Sharmela Garcia-Martin, Director, 315-229-5533

  • Assist students in developing reasonable accommodations an Individual Education Accommodation Plan ( IEAP)
  • Assist students with special needs housing, dietary, physical needs, emotional support animal requests
  • Assist students in finding academic help or assistance
  • Assist students by referring them to other on campus resources
  • Office Hours Monday- Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  Weekends and Holidays SAS office is closed.

Academic Support:  Tina Tao, Coordinator, 315-229-5134

  • Assist with time management skills
  • Assist with organizational skills
  • Assist with syllabus mapping
  • Assist with test-taking skills

Academic Development:  Colleen Coakley, Coordinator, 315-229-5604

  • Assist with student academic recovery

Word Studio: Lucia Pawlowski, Director, 315-229-5727

  • Assist students in all stage of the writing process
  • Assist students in developing writing skills
  • Discuss oral presentations, research and multimedia projects

Peterson Quantitative Resource Center: Michael Schuckers, Director, 315-229-5794

  • Provides mathematical, statistical and computational support 

Health and Counseling Services: Tara Tent, Director, 315-229-5392

  • Monitor medications
  • Document medical needs
  • Provide referrals for other service
  • Individual and group counseling

Residence Life: Chris Marquart, Director, 315-229-5250

  • Grant special living arrangements for Special Needs Housing.

Dining Services: Marijo Haggett, Director, 315-229-5232

  • Accommodate special dietary needs

St. Lawrence University Does Not Provide Private Tutors or Academic Coaches:

  • Students/parents you will need to research for these types of services on your own.  Some families have just researched online to find an academic coach for their student.
  • We do offer Peer Tutoring (these are student tutors), WORD Studio (to assist with developing and writing papers), PQRC (to assist with math or economics courses), Office of Academic Support (assists students with time management skills, organizational skills, syllabus mapping, test-taking skills).  All of these resources are listed above for further information.