Registration for Exam/Quiz and Information for Students

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) administers hundreds of exams each semester which requires you to collaborate with our office and your professor.

In order for the process to run smoothly, please understand your responsibilities before taking exams at the testing center.  Read on to learn about what is expected of students.

All students using the Student Accessibility Services exam rooms are bound by the St. Lawrence University Honor Code which can be found in the student handbook.

Any student observed utilizing any unauthorized resource during an exam will be reported to the professor.

The following items are not allowed in the exam room:
-Any communication device including cell phones, iPods
-Notes/books not permitted by instructor
-Purses/back packs

Before Scheduling an Exam:
Students must meet with their Student Accessibility Services advisor at the beginning of each semester, generally within the first two weeks of classes, to pick up their Individual Education Accommodation Plan (IEAP). Please email for an appointment at

Students must meet with each professor at the beginning of each semester, generally within the first two weeks of classes, to discuss how exam accommodations will be handled.

Arranging testing accommodation:

Make an examination appointment in a timely manner, generally 3 days in advance of the exam, by filling out the student exam form located on the Student Accessibility Services webpage under the menu item  "exam information for students"/ exam form.

Exams must be scheduled to be taken at the same time as the regular classroom exams and be taken in one sitting.

Exceptions to time changes:

  • When extra time accommodations extend into another class period
  • Illness/injury

Time changes must be cleared with the instructor and the instructor must notify the SAS office of the agreed upon time change.

During the exam, students are allowed to bring and use only the materials that have been indicated by the professor. 

All students will be monitored by the proctor for academic integrity.

If the student has questions during the exam, the proctor will contact the professor either by email or phone.

The exam time begins at the time scheduled: the exam will end at the completion of the approved extended time accommodation.

If you have question about the exam procedure, please email our office at
or call 315-229-5537 for more information.