Laurentian Small Business Guide: Books

Businesses are listed alphabetically. 



Laurentian:  Scott Forbes '87

Description:  I have been a professional writer since securing my SLU sheepskin on the frigid morning of May 24, 1987. Over the past 15 years I have concentrated on ghostwriting books on subjects as diverse as personal finance, urban planning, sales, and even a novel.


Laurentian:  Lisa Scully P '21

Description:  An independent bookstore carrying all of the latest bestsellers, children's books and gifts.


Laurentian: Maxwell Eaton III '04

Description: MAXWELL EATON III is a highly tolerated author and illustrator of numerous picture books and graphic novels for children, including Bear Builds a House, Bear Goes Sugaring, The Truth About Your Favorite Animals series, The Flying Beaver Brothers graphic novel series, Okay Andy, and more.


Laurentian:  Paige L. Christie '93

Description:  Paige L. Christie is author of The Legacies of Arnan fantasy series: #1 DRAIGON WEATHER, as well as several well-received short stories.


Laurentian:  Marion Roach Smith '77

Description:  The Memoir Project is an online series of classes on how to write a memoir; owned and operated by author and writer, Marion Roach Smith. Named after her book, The Memoir Project: A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text for Writing & Life (Grand Central Publishing), the writing lab features classes in everything from basic memoir writing, to writing op-eds and digital commentary, as well as Master Classes in writing book-length memoir. Many students go on to publish essays and commentary pieces online and in both local and national newspapers, and to publish book-length memoirs. With a worldwide reach, the classes offer a global student base as well as an international perspective.


Laurentian:  Rebecca Didier '99

Description:  Trafalgar Square Books is the leading publisher of equestrian books and also publishes select nature, craft, and canine titles. We are a small business with an all-woman staff, based in rural Vermont.