While at St. Lawrence, students may elect up to four semester course units of work to be graded Pass/Fail (but no more than one course in any given semester). Courses that satisfy general education requirements, with the exception of FYP and FYS, may be taken pass/fail. Courses counting toward the student's major or minor completion cannot be taking on a Pass/Fail basis after the major or minor is declared, regardless of whether or not the course is multi-listed. A student must attain a minimum of a 1.0 grade to receive a "pass" for the course.

The pass/fail must be approved by the course instructor and the student's academic advisor. The deadline to elect the pass/fail option is the end of the ninth week of classes for a regular semester course or the end of the third week for a summer course.

The pass/fail option requires the consent of the instructor. Some faculty do not allow students to take their courses pass/fail and this fact should be noted in the course syllabus.

For the complete policy, please see the "Pass/Fail" section of the most current University Catalog.


The pass/fail form is available on the Registrar's Office Website.