Illness or Emergency

What should I do if I have to leave campus for a few days due to an illness or family emergency?

If you must leave campus due to a serious illness or a family emergency, you should notify Elaine White (Student Center 233) in the Student Life office. She will send out an e-mail message to your current semester's faculty, your academic advisor(s), your coach (if you have one), and Residence Life staff, informing them of your absence and your expected date of return. Student Life can also send out such a message in the unusual circumstance that you remain on campus during a serious illness or family emergency.

Note that a message from Student Life does not excuse you from class or submission of work, nor does it negate attendance policies or grant you extensions or other academic accommodations. It is merely a courtesy dissemination of information meant to lighten the burden on you in the moment. You must still be in contact with each of your instructors as soon as practically possible, to work out with each of them how your absence will affect your work in the course and what kinds of extensions or make-up work you may be granted.

If you find yourself behind in one or more classes and struggling to catch up after an absence from campus, you might find it useful to work with the Academic Support office to get back on track.