During the first seven days after classes begin in any semester (or the first three days after classes begin in summer session), a student may add or drop a course without any record being made of the change on the student's transcript. If the semester begins on a Wednesday, the add/drop deadline is the following Thursday. An add and/or drop is done with an add/drop form .

Note that the add/drop period is not a "free" time in which class attendance does not count. Courses cover important content during the first few classes, and many have assignments due during that period. The later you add a class, the harder it is to catch up and succeed, so it is best to make a decision about adding a class as soon as possible.

Once the add/drop deadline has passed, it is only possible to add or drop a class with the approval of the Academic Petitions Committee, and there is normally a $50 late schedule change fee. A petition will usually only be approved if the student has already been attending a class being added (or not been attending a class being dropped).

Courses added after add/drop will not be considered when State Aid eligibility determinations are made. Courses added after the Census date will not be considered when Financial Aid determines Federal eligibility. Upon petition, the Director of Financial Aid can increase Federal Loans (if otherwise eligible) if classes are added after the census date. See more information on the Financial Aid website.

After the add/drop period, a student may withdraw from a class until the end of the tenth week of classes.

For the complete policy, please see the "Add/Drop Policy" section of the most current University Catalog.


The add/drop form is available on the Registrar's Office Website